Upgrade new hires to your company knowledge level as soon as possible.

Traion is your means to a successful new employee and satisfied customers. 

What is Traion?

Easy to set-up

Modify it to your needs

All in one place

Easy to set-up

You do not have to be a genius, have an IT background, or have any experience with design and programming. Simply upload your content, and your students and start teaching.

Modify it to your needs

No matter what you teach, Traion can take it all. Whether it is finance, marketing, grant writing, or crocheting, Traion will make your teaching experience easier.

All in one place

Miracle! You do not have to onboard your students to shared folders and deal with monitoring who has access, who does not, who submitted their work, and who did not. Now you can have everything under control on one page.

Traion benefits

Why are we doing it?

Live your Brand

Make yourself and your course memorable to your students through branding. Dress your course in your colors and put your logo on display. Make it easier for your students to recommend you to others.

Gamify your course

Increase the success rate of your students through the simple gamification that Traion provides for you. Your employees will be able to measure themselves against their peers and have fun. Spark a little competition, and make your course stand out from the crowd.

Monitor progress

If your students are spread out among multiple platforms and cloud systems, it is almost impossible to monitor the progress of each one of them. With Traion everything is on one page and you can instantly recognize slackers and overachievers. 

Peer-to-peer feedback

Your students do not learn just from your content, but also from each other. With Traion you can easily incorporate this important pillar into your course and let students learn from other students by giving feedback on their individual work.

Employee Virtual

Traion lets you gamify your course and that means your students will collect points stored in students’ virtual wallets. These points could be used to pay for extra features that are premium in your course. You can offer extra consultations, content, or anything that comes to your mind. Be creative! 

Automated Certification

Sometimes it is hard to determine who gets a personalized certificate of completion and who does not. Thanks to an incorporated point system that you can control you determine what is the passing level and whoever exceeds it, gets an automated certificate in your design with their name on it. Certification made easy!

“Before I started using Traion, it was a constant struggle to see if everyone onboarded to a shared drive, if everyone has access and if everyone submitted their work on time. With Traion I see that all in one place and I can focus on running the company as much as employees enjoy their learning.”

– Radek H., owner of a software developer company –

Upskill your new hires efficiently


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